• Retrofit T12, T8 or T5 fixtures: 2', 4', 6' and 8' 

  • Daisy chain units up to 240'

  • >65,000 hour LED life


  • 5 year non prorated warranty

Always Earth Friendly,   LLC Led Lighting Retrofits

Connects directly to incoming line power

  • AEFDirectConnectLED       Retrofit unit  connects directly to incoming line power     

  • Safest retrofit in the industry-lamp holders are NOT energized   


  • Quick Disconnect-no lock out or tag out needed - perfect for industrial retrofits


  • No electrical or shock hazard with this design-Lamp holders are  "dead" after bypassing the existing ballast 

  • Each unit has a new  internal driver

  • Existing ballast is not used

  • Patented magnetic attachment system

  • Optional mechanical attachment system  


  • High lumens/low wattage: 22w HO=179 lm/w

  • Higher lumens allow de-lamping-saving energy

  • 120/277 universal



LED Lighting Retrofit

Higher lumens and low wattage for maximum energy savings and higher utility rebates as a "retrofit kit" and a "luminaire" (fixture) at the Premium Level

Magnetize to existing fixtures and daisy chain or connect units together up to 240' for the fastest installation

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