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RETROFIT T12, T8 and T5 FLUORESCENT FIXTURES including T8 and T5 high bay fixtures
2', 4', 6' and 8'

  • AEFDirectConnectLED        units wire to incoming line power and then
    ​plug into the side of the LED unit.
  • LED unit magnetizes to the top of the fixture.
  • Fast and simple installation time of approx. 3-5 minutes.
  • Multiple units connect together using shorter jumper whips.
  • Existing fixture ballasts are bypassed and not reused as they are in some of the other instant fit LED units.  
  • No worry about existing ballast condition or eventual replacement which adds to long term costs.
  • Lamp holders do not have to be replaced as you have to do with other LED units because they are broken or shunted (existing T8 fixtures).
  • Up to >185 lumens per watt allows de-lamping - saving a tremendous amount of money on energy use, labor and additional product costs.  (most on the market are >110 lm/w if they are DLC certified = not enough light to enable de-lamping in most cases)
  • Daisy Chain end to end fixtures or within a fixture - available on all models (up to 240')
  • Installation time is less than half of other retrofits

  • Highest lumen per watt packages
  • Existing ballast is disconnected
  • Safest retrofit in the industry
  • ​3 to 5 minute installation
  • CRI 85
Model #




Frosted Lens


Clear Lens

LMK213 F or C
2' single unit
   164 lm/w=1968 lm 
176 lm/w=2112 lm
LMK213 F or C *
3 lamps/fixture = retrofit kit   36w
   134 lm/w=4824 lm
146 lm/w=5256 lm
LMK412 F or C
4' single unit   12w
   172 lm/w=2064 lm185 lm/w=2220 lm
LMK412 F or C *
2 lamps/fixture = retrofit kit   24w
   140 lm/w=3360 lm
156 lm/w=3744 lm
LMK418 F or C
4' single unit   18w
   165 lm/w=2970 lm177 lm/w=3186 lm
LMK418 F or C *
2 lamps/fixture = retrofit kit   36w
   135 lm/w=4860 lm
146 lm/w=5256 lm
LMK422 F or C
4' single unit   22w 
   160 lm/w=3520 lm172 lm/w=3784 lm
LMK422 F or C *
2 lamps/fixture = retrofit kit
   134 lm/w=5896 lm
145 lm/w=6380 lm
LMK422HO F or C
4' single unit   24w
   166 lm/w=3851 lm179 lm/w=4152 lm
LMK422HO F or C *
4 lamps/fixture = retrofit kit   96w
   163 lm/w=15648 lm
178 lm/w=17088 lm

LMK422Dim F or C *

  w/daisy chaining

2 Lamps/fixture

   4 wire system



   156 lm/w=68-6 lm

Available in single units

168 lm/w=7334 lm

LMK424 Dim F or C *

  w/daisy chaining

2 lamps/fixture

  4 wire system



    161 lm/w=7487 lm

Available in single units

175 lm/w=8162 lm

​* DLC Retrofit kit part number Lm/w and delivered lumen values were determined upon testing completed in a reference fixture

** Lumens per watt are per DLC (Total lumens are nominal wattage x lumens per watt - actual total lumens may very slightly)


  • Patented magnetic attachment system
  • Optional mechanical attachment
  • Ability to de-lamp - no kits needed for positioning
  • Patented Daisy Chain solution to 240'​
  • Light angle up to 160 degrees

DLC Rating as a "Retrofit Kit "and not a "Tube"
*Some utility providers are giving higher rebates for "retrofit kits"
​*Rebates for individual units are possible - check w/your provider


  • Dimension - 2'=(L) 22.562 "(W) 1.312" (H) 1.437" 4'=(L)44.562" (W)1.312"(H)1.437"
  • Weight - 2'= 6 oz 4'=9 oz
  • Housing - aluminum extrusion and poly carbonate diffuser
  • Work Environment - Indoor use (applicable for dry environments) IP20
  • DLC approved for rebates
  • Light angle up to 160 degrees
  • 5 year non-prorated warranty
  • ​​Connect (2) 4' to make an 8'
  • ​Quick disconnect