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Change out existing industrial-warehouse to LED 

High Output LED

  • Change T8 or T5 high bay fluorescent fixtures to LED using  AEFDirectConnectLED      technology
  • Retrofit existing linear fluorescent fixtures .vs installing new costly LED fixtures saving 1/2 to 2/3 the cost
  • Wire power whip to the incoming line voltage at the hot and neutral
  • Daisy Chain/Link LED units together up to 240' by simply clipping in jumper whips from one to the next
  • Can cut installation costs in 1/2 
  • Simply magnetize LED unit to the fixture (or mechanically fasten)
  • Not lamp holder dependent
  • Never replace ballasts or fluorescent lamps again saving on maintenance costs
  • High lumen/wattage package allows for delamping - see retrofit below
  • 22w clear HO = 179 lumens per watt = 4152 lumens each
  • 50-65% Energy Reduction possible - saves energy and possibly higher rebates
  • Connect two 4' LED units to make an 8' - won't sag like some 8' LED units
  • Install where no fixtures exist: i.e. under mezzanines or in areas that don't have any fixtures existing
  • Photometric studies available at no charge
  • Let us show you and help you to maximize rebates available in your area - Lowers ROI significally

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