• Projected to save approximate $40,000 per year on energy costs
  • $6,500 per year in reduced maintenance savings
  • Received a Wisconsin Focus on Energy rebate of $8,678
  • Received a tax deduction of $27,000
  • Overall return on investment will be less than 1.1 years

T8 8' 2-Lamp to LED 8' 1-Lamp-centered w/magnets
In cooler: 4' Lamp LED on both sides and 2' across

the top - daisy chained together

Before:  T8 32w 3-Lamp = 88 fixture watts
After:    18w 3-Lamp = 54 fixture watts
38.7% lighting energy savings

25% Energy Savings

Never change lamps

or ballasts again

No Maintenance issues

Better Light Quality

Current LED Retrofit Projects

Festival Foods, New Long, WI   Implements New Lighting System

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​​Retrofit to 1-L LED 8' = 44 f/w = 61% Savings

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T12 fluorescent 2-L 8' = 123 f/w  

After:  LED two 4' 22w clear connected to make an 8' LED and then daisy chained together.  Wired the power whip at the first 4' LED unit, magnetized the rest of the units up, then connected the jumper whip between the LED units

Before:  T12 fluorescent 8' 2-Lamp 60w each
After: 1-Lamp 8' HO 24w - Blended lighting energy savings of 61% and increase in production