New High Bays resulted in a 62% savings. Over $50,000/year

ROI under 1.5 years on 1 million plus Sq. Ft.

Retrofitted 3000 + fixtures

Reduce energy consumption by 68%

Savings over $250,00/yr on KWH reduction

Rebate of $55,000 (allowable on one bldg. only

Before:  T8 32w 6-Lamp = 221 fixture watts
After:    LED 4-Lamp = 96 fixture watts
57% lighting energy savings

‚ÄčBefore:  T12 fluorescent 8' 2-Lamp 60w each
After: 1-Lamp 8' HO 24w - Blended lighting energy savings of 61% and increase in production

Existing: T8 4-Lamp 8' fluorescent fixtures = 297 Fixture/watts

Retrofit:  2-Lamp 8'  high output LED = 96 Fixture/watts

Energy Savings of 67%

67% energy reduction with an ROI of oly 5.3 months


AEF LED Lighting & LED High Bay Projects
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High Bay Retrofit saved 62^ in energy costs with a 16 mth ROI

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  • Projected to save approximate $40,000 per year on energy costs
  • $6,500 per year in reduced maintenance savings
  • Received a Wisconsin Focus on Energy rebate of $8,678
  • Received a tax deduction of $27,000
  • Overall return on investment will be less than 1.1 years