Warehouse LED Lighting - Daisy Chain

Perfect for retail stores, warehouses & manufacturing plants with end to end fixtures 24w clear = 158 lumens per watt = 3,698 lumens

  • Wire the power whip once to the incoming line voltage on the 1st unit only
  • Plug the other end of the power whip into the side of the 1st LED unit
  • Magnetize all LED units to the existing fixtures or screw into
    fixture as need.    
  • Daisy Chain remaining LED units together using jumper whips
    6", 18" or 36" up to  240' (277v) 120' (120v)
  • Turn the power back on and they are all lit up...fast and simple
  • If one should go out, the rest stay lit for trouble free maintenance
  • Lamp holders are not used (other LED units may require replacement of lamp holders if broken or shunted as withT8 fluorescent fixtures)
  • No extra expense of "conversion kits" - no surprises or additional costs
  • Never get into the ballast area again - saves a tremendous amt. of money on maintenance going forward
  • Retrofit T8 or T5 high bay fluorescent fixtures with AEFDirectConnectLED LED technology
  • Retrofit existing linear fluorescent fixtures
  • Connects directly to the line power and is not lamp holder dependent
  • Simply magnetize LED unit to the fixture
  • High lumen/wattage package allows for de-lamping
  • 50-70% lighting energy reduction
  • Connect two 4' LED units to make an 8'
  • Daisy Chain within a fixture or in a row up to 240'


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  • Save ½ the cost on installations
  • 5 year non-prorated warranty
  • ETL listed to UL specifications